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Friday 24th April

Good Morning everyone!  We all hope that you have had a good week at home and completed as many activities from the suggested daily home learning tasks.  We are really pleased to see so many of you engaging with these tasks and sending us lots of pictures - well done and thank you. 

Today I have suggested 2 tasks:

Task 1: secret message to Mrs Sessions

Task 2: letter to Canon Liam and Father Tom 




We would like you all to try your best to be involved in creating a secret message we would like to send to Mrs Sessions.

The message will read: 

Dear Mrs Sessions, we are thinking of you and send love, prayers, hugs, smiles and thanks!


I have separated out Class 6 below into words to ensure we receive all of the words - class 7 and 8 must choose one word from the sentence. Do NOT write out the whole sentence. 

Charles: Dear
Felix: Dear
Amelia: Dear
Lucrezia: Mrs
Shey: Mrs
Jaiden: Mrs
Tafara: Sessions
Adrian: Sessions
Elliot: We
Oscar: We
Lola: are
Hannah: are
Lucas: thinking
Loretta: thinking
Claudia: of you
Lena: of you
Rafi: and send
David: and send
Andrei: love
Ellalise: love
Jack: prayers
Anna: prayers
Oli: hugs
Kai: hugs
Jacob: smiles
Keiden: smiles
Michaela: and thanks!
Hannah W: and thanks!
Nicola: and thanks!
Enrique: and thanks!


Please write the selected word onto a large piece of paper - perhaps in large, colourful bubble writing - rainbow colours would be super!  Hopefully it will look something like this: 


I hope you can send me a picture of you smiling beautifully, holding the word as soon as possible please!

Photo can be sent to


Letter to Father Tom and Canon Liam:

Would you be able to find time to send a little letter to Father Tom and Canon Liam? 

They would love to hear from you I am sure. 

Here are there addresses: 


St John the Baptist Catholic Church
The Presbytery, 2 Wingfield Road, Trowbridge, Wiltshire, BA14 9EA

Father Tom

Market Street Bradford-on-Avon BA15 1LH

Canon Liam