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Friday 3rd April

Dear Year 3 and 4 children (and families),


We are so proud of you all for trying your best.  Trying your best to be kind, generous, thoughtful, helpful and shining your light around your home.


We have been delighted with the wonderful work that we have seen.


During the Easter holidays we will not be setting additional daily tasks, but I am sure that you’ll continue to spend your time being creative!


Here are a few suggested activities for you below:

RE:  Please see addition resources added to Class pages for you to complete. 

Art:  Make an Easter Card for your friends.

DT:  Chocolate rice crispy cakes are a delicious treat this time of the year!

PE:  Super movers!

Writing story suggestion:  A mysterious package arrives for you at home. Whatever you find inside changes your life!

Paragraph 1: Set the scene– use lots of adventurous, interesting words to describe where you are (Home?  Granny's house?).

Paragraph 2:  Slowly describe and reveal to the reader (show don't tell) what the package is like and what you find inside!

Paragraph 3:  How does your life change? Is there a challenge you must face?  A quest?

Paragraph 4:  How does the story end?


Have a look at the Easter Cards your teachers have sent to you!

Look after yourselves.  Thinking of you.   

Mrs Tavener, Mr Somerville, Mrs Hollomon and Mrs Warren