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Tuesday 21st April


  • TTR - complete 5 sessions in the garage. 
  • Please have a look at the following web site for lessons on fractions.  Please complete the first lesson today. 
  • Lesson 2.



  • Reading is incredibly important.  Spend at least 15 minutes today reading to an adult.   Write a short prediction - what will happen next? 


Have a look at some of the Talk for writing activities below.  Click onto your year group and start working on one task today.


  • Do at least 20 mins exercise today.  


  • Design a boat that will float - use recycled material or foil?  Test to see how much it will hold before it sinks, how many lego pieces will it hold before it sinks? Always keep safe when working with or near water. 
  •  Challenge:  Will the same piece of foil float if you made it into a ball? Give reasons for what you have found out.