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At St John’s we grow and learn in the footsteps of Jesus.

Week Beginning 20th April 2020

Friday 23rd April


  • I have set up two battles on TTR – Y5 boys vs Y5 girls and Y6 boys vs Y6 girls. Support your team by playing games.
  • Some of you will need to complete your games in the garage (the current record is 0.77 seconds!) - this also contributes towards the battle.
  • Good luck!


  • Using The Journey, complete the sentence challenge.


  • Finish off your project


  • Do a Joe Wicks workout - push yourself


Thursday 22nd April

Most of you will have your Seesaw logins now. Although work will not be set on it until next week, feel free to share your work and communicate using it from now. It's been great to hear from those who have already logged in.



  • Year 6s to complete two x-a-days on Doodle Maths + any New This Week.
  • Year 5s – continue to explore Doodle Maths.


  • Read your book for 15 minutes.
  • Design a new front cover for your book.


  • Continue with your project.

Extra maths 

  • Using a packet of sweets - Haribo for example -, create a bar chart showing the amount of each variety of sweet in the packet.  
  • Eat the sweets!


Wednesday 21st April


  • TTR - complete 5 sessions in the garage. Try to beat your time from Monday.


  • Y5s to complete task on phrases and conjunctions.
  • Y6s to complete task on pronouns, clauses and phrases.
  • Remember to mark afterwards


  • Create a project based on Catholic Social Teaching. This could be artwork, a presentation, a piece of music etc. This should take you a couple sessions to complete - take your time.


Tuesday 21st April



  • Using ‘The Journey’, complete the story starter task.


  • If you have any sewing equipment and adult support available, please learn to thread a needle and practise hand-sewing techniques.


  • Go out for long walk/jog/bike ride.


Monday 20th April

Welcome back everyone. We hope you all had a great Easter. Please see below your tasks for today.



  • TTR - complete 5 sessions in the garage. Try to get your time below 2 seconds.
  • I have also tried setting up a battle – YEAR 5 vs YEAR 6. Good luck!


  • Read your book for fifteen minutes. Write a summary of what you have read in no more than 20 words. 
  • Complete two Read Theory quiz over 70%


  • Complete 5 games on Spelling Shed. A list has already been set for you.


  • Do a daily PE lesson with Joe Wicks using his youtube channel.


  • Create a piece of artwork based on the word ‘reflection’.