St John's

Catholic Primary School

At St John's we grow and learn in the footsteps of Jesus.

Catholic Life and Mission

At St John's Catholic Primary School, Trowbridge we are called to love as a Catholic community at the service of the Church's educational mission. Explore how we are constantly striving to be the best version of ourselves in order that we can be the change makers and leaders God has called us to be.


'The extent to which pupils contribute to and benefit from the Catholic life of the school, the quality of its provision and the effectiveness of leaders and governors in monitoring and evaluating this provision is outstanding overall'

November 29/30th Section 48 Inspection 

Our School Mission 


'We grow and learn in the footsteps of Jesus'.



Section 48 Clifton Diocese Report - December 2018

Pupil Leadership 

At St John's we take leadership seriously and know that even very young children can be fantastic leaders. We know we are called to share our unique gifts and we can do this together in many small ways every day.       



Chapel Champions 


Our Chapel Champions are a creative and joyful group of children who are keen to lead the prayer and  Catholic mission of our school family.



This academic year children in Year 6 have the opportunity to serve the school as part of the Chaplaincy Team. The team are commissioned where they receive their Chaplaincy Team Badge and a blessing from Bishop Declan at Clifton Cathedral.  


The Chapel Champions play a vital role in the Prayer life and Catholic life of our school and are supported by our Parish Priest, Fr Tom Finnegan and the Chaplaincy Lead, Ms Susan Beleska.


The Chapel Champions have many important roles including:


  • Being an influencer to all children in living a life of faith
  • Developing positive relationships within and beyond the school community
  • Leading prayer and reflections in the school Chapel
  • Planning and leading key stage/whole school collective worship
  • Assisting in the organisation of school masses and liturgies
  • Helping plan and lead charity events
  • To continue to develop strong links with the Parish
  • To support the school in its Mission  Statement  

Leaders In Faith Awards


Children gain public recognition of their engagement in RE through local and global experiences one of which

is the Leaders In Faith Award recognised by Clifton Diocese. All children in KS2 are supported to complete the Award which begins at Bronze level, moves onto Silver level then Gold and finally Platinum! Children in KS1 who are working at greater depth in Religious Education have an opportunity to begin their leadership journey when age appropriate. This award allows us to promote debate and dialogue, taking appropriate action and putting Catholic Social Teaching in action. Please see the attachment below which includes an overview of the challenges set.    


We celebrate the completion of the Award with each child being presented a certificate during whole school assembly and their name being added to the hall of fame!        


Building The Kingdom


We are fortunate to be working with Sr Judith Russi on the pathway to 'Building the Kingdom'. Take a look at some of our work to support our mission to be authentic people of the future.  




































House Captains

Lunchtime Team

A group of year 6 children have been leading pupil voice to gather ideas and suggestions in how to improve our playtime and lunchtime provision. The lunchtime team will then be leading the experience with the help of some adults so they we can all thrive and care for our school family. 




Charity Work


Our school family has a long successful history of supporting and leading charity work in our neighbourhood and with our brothers and sisters further afield.  Take a look at some of our more recent activities! The children thrive on making a difference and there is a buzz of excitement and anticipation as to what we can achieve next so that we are Building the Kingdom! 




EYFS Lemonade Stand - to support fundraising for the Walk for Water CAFOD appeal  



School Projects


The Emmaus Water Pump Project 

We are part of a community of schools supporting the Emmaus Water Pump Project. 



We donated our unwanted toys and games and then organised a raffle to raise funds for this important project. We had lots of fun....take a look at some of our donations!    



The Plastic Free Project!


We organised a whole school PLASTIC FREE day! It was single use plastic to be seen, take a look at some of our lunch bag solutions. We want to be stewards of our environment.   











Adult Leadership 

Our RE Faculty

We are very proud of the work completed by the RE Faculty. The group meets six times per year and supports the prayer life and Catholic mission at St John's, Trowbridge. The Faculty includes colleagues from the the school office, Teaching Assistants, Teachers, Governors and our Parish Priest.  

Catholic Certificate for Religious Education

Outstanding Contributions to our School Family  


Mrs Hughes had an amazing impact on our school community. She dedicated over 25 years to supporting the teaching and learning and always held the Catholic life and prayer life at the center of everything she achieved. Fr Tom presented her with an award from the Diocese for her hard work and outstanding contribution to Catholic education. Thank you Mrs Hughes!   



Mrs Clare Farrow was a parent, governor and Chair of Governors for St John's for over a decade! Much of the time the  work she completed was never in the spot light or sometimes not even noticed.....but we are so grateful for the energy, time and commitment she dedicated to our school family.  


The school family presented her with a new school trophy which we will award to one child each year in recognition of the dignity of work - which Mrs Farrow's demonstrated in abundance! Thank you for all of your dedication - you have made a huge difference to the school community and we will be forever grateful.