St John's

Catholic Primary School

At St John's we grow and learn in the footsteps of Jesus.

Prayer Life

'Every pupil, regardless of their faith background, feels welcome to participate fully in the school's rich prayer life.'

Section 48 Inspection, 29/30th November 2018




Liturgical Prayer


All children are emersed in the rhythm of the Liturgical Year. Throughout the year there are exciting and creative ways for  children to develop their knowledge and understanding of faith through prayer. 


Advent Penitential Service


The Chapel Champions and KS2 children led us in a beautiful prayer for the preparation of the season of Advent. We all took part in a service of Reconciliation led by Fr Tom.  





Nativity Service

Our very youngest children retell the Nativity story in our local Church and celebrate the wonderful news of the birth of Jesus!



Lent: Stations Of The Cross 

Every year the children in Year 6 lead us in our preparation for Holy Week and organise their own reflections based on the Stations of the Cross. Prior to this wonderful day the children work with Fr Tom Finnegan and experience walking the Stations of the Cross in St John the Baptist Church.  



Celebrating Mary

During the months of May and October our school family reflect on the importance of Mary - a Mother to us all. We celebrate her courage and strong faith even when times may be challenging.   



Living Rosary


Children in Key Stage 2 spend quality time reflecting on the Rosary and how we can use the Rosary to guide us through our lives. 






We celebrate the birthday of the church with a whole day reflecting on the events of Pentecost over 2,000 years ago and how they influence us today! We even end the day with birthday cake for everyone!


Our Pentecost Service - with worship, cake and candles!


Harvest Service


Harvest is a time for saying thank you for the gifts of food and comfort that we can sometimes take for granted! We celebrate our common home and how we need to take action to ensure we look after our brothers and sisters near and far who may not have enough to eat.  Fr Tom always has some inspiring words to share with us.



Year 5 Summer Faith Camp

Every summer children in Year 5 are invited to an overnight Faith camp on our school site. It is a time for the year group to focus on prayer and living a life of faith - with lots of laughter and fun included! The children camp in tents, sing, create crafts and have a go at some physical challenges. On the Friday evening the children prepare their Mass which is celebrated outside and Fr Tom leads the celebration. 















KS2 Class Mass

Every Class in Key Stage 2 plans and leads their own Class Mass.  We invite our families to join us and take pride in leading this wonderful spiritual celebration.    



Class 3 Celebrated their Liturgy based on 'The Calming of the Storm'






Class 10 celebrated their Class Mass with Fr Tom and focused on the words of Saint John Bosco. 






Our Weekly Chapel Time.....


The Sacraments







Feast and Saint Days

How we have created an environment for prayer in our school

The children are keen gardeners and with the help of some skillful adults we are developing our prayer garden. Come and take a look the next time you visit the school field.  


Our Prayer Garden

Parents and Prayer 

Our Parish Community

Children Leading Prayer for the Parish