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Catholic Primary School

At St John's we grow and learn in the footsteps of Jesus.

Catholic Social Teaching

At St John’s Catholic Primary School Religious Education is the ‘core of the core curriculum’. This helps us to fulfill our mission to educate the whole person, concerned not only with intellectual knowledge but also forming thoughtful, prayerful, curious, respectful, creative, independent, caring and responsible people. The outcome of excellent Religious Education is religiously literate and engaged children who have the knowledge, understanding and skills – to reflect spiritually, and think ethically and theologically, and who are aware of the demands of religious commitment in everyday life. We aim to maximise the contribution RE makes to raising standards and achievement.


Each of the seven Catholic Social Teachings themes marinate our curriculum. Find out how we achieve this in our day to day living and learning.


Dignity of the Human Person


A group of young leaders travelled in our school mini bus to Bath. We shared out the items we had collected in the rucksacks for people who were needing our help.  Remembering we are all made in the image and likeness of God. 


We want to put our words into action and support our brothers and sisters.



Family and Community

We enjoy working together and listening to each others point of view. We spend time reflecting on our mission and what makes our community so special.



Solidarity and the Common Good 

Our school is a place where we become leaders, change makers and advocates for the world we want to see. 



Rights and Responsibilities


The children in EYFS reflected on what they had learnt about CAFOD's Water Aid Project and decided they wanted to be change makers and do something about this injustice. They created a speech and shared their vision with the whole school family via Teams! The children went on to organise a fundraising event to raise money for CAFOD.   




Option for the poor and vulnerable 


We are mindful that many of our brothers and sisters both locally and globally are in need of our support and prayers. Children often lead and co-ordinate charity events which they are passionate to support. We work closely with CAFOD, Mission Together, Mary's Meals and other smaller local charities.      





The Dignity of Work

We take pride in the unique gifts and talents we each have and put our efforts into being the very best versions of ourselves for the benefit of the world we share. 





We have been growing our own plants and vegetables and taking care and responsibility for our environment.











Leaver's Mass 2023 - Family and Community