St John's

Catholic Primary School

At St John's we grow and learn in the footsteps of Jesus.

Catholic Social Teaching

At St John’s Catholic Primary School Religious Education is the ‘core of the core curriculum’. This helps us to fulfill our mission to educate the whole person, concerned not only with intellectual knowledge but also forming thoughtful, prayerful, curious, respectful, creative, independent, caring and responsible people. The outcome of excellent Religious Education is religiously literate and engaged children who have the knowledge, understanding and skills – to reflect spiritually, and think ethically and theologically, and who are aware of the demands of religious commitment in everyday life. We aim to maximise the contribution RE makes to raising standards and achievement.


We teach about other religions as part of the Religious Education curriculum. This is a feature of Catholic RE in all stages of a child's development and is timetabled for a minimum of four weeks per academic year. Learning about the religion and cultures of those who do not share the Catholic faith is one of the ways in which we embody catholic social teaching and the call to love one’s neighbour. It also prepares the children in our Catholic schools for life in modern Britain, giving them an understanding of the beliefs of others. This in turn will improve social cohesion and contribute to the common good by increasing mutual respect between those of different religions.


Children at St John’s Catholic Primary School gain public recognition of their achievement in RE through many local and global community experiences and by completing the Leaders In Faith Award. All KS2 children and those working at greater depth in KS1 engage in this Award. By doing so they are promoting debate and dialogue, celebrating diversity, taking appropriate action and putting catholic social teaching principles into action.