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Religious Education

Religious Education Intent

Religious Education


Religious Education is the very core and essence of our existence as a Catholic School and plays a key part in the curriculum. It is expected that the children admitted to the school will take a full and active part in the religious life of the school. Religious Education is undertaken according to the doctrines and practices of the Catholic Church.


Our aim in Religious Education is to lead the children to a living faith through prayer, the Mass, the RE Programme, collective worship, school assemblies and the liturgical life of the Church. We currently use the ‘God Matters’ Scheme of Work, resources from Clifton Diocese and the Building The Kingdom programme. Regular whole school or class assemblies take place each week and each class is involved in preparing and taking part in their own class Mass or Liturgy during the year. Our children study and celebrate other faiths twice per year to create an understanding and respect of other peoples’ beliefs.

Collective Worship

Assembly and class time is used for collective worship, and to support and encourage Christian values. Assembly time is also used to share and celebrate success, special occasions, e.g. birthdays and achievements – presentation of certificates and awards.


Parents are invited into school on regular occasions to share Class Masses, Liturgies and Whole School Mass. Families are also invited to specially prepared services to celebrate the liturgical year including Mary Celebration in May, Family Feast Day in October, Holy Week during Lent and during Advent the Nativity and Carol Concert.  Notice of such services is given in advance, either by a general letter of invitation, or through individual class invitations. The children are taught and say each day the traditional prayers and also write and read their own prayers on different topical themes.


Children are also invited to write reflections on different aspects of the liturgical year and children are actively encouraged to lead class prayers, acts of worship and class liturgies. There is a close co-operation between the school and the Church. Our Parish Priest, Fr Tom, visits the school on a regular basis for assemblies, Class Masses, Whole School Masses and other liturgical celebrations to which everyone is welcome.



If requested by parents, children can start preparing for their First Holy Communion and the Sacrament of Reconciliation when they are in Year 3. The preparation is completed in the Parish Centre in partnership with the School and with great involvement from the parents. The First Holy Communion Service usually takes place in the Parish Church during the month of May. As a school family we engage in the Sacrament of Reconciliation together during the season of Lent and Advent. 




Religious Education Implementation