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At St John's we grow and learn in the footsteps of Jesus.

The Clifton Cluster PGCE Group

Bath Spa University run a parallel PGCE programme alongside their traditional route called Cluster Training. The outcome of this programme is the same for students but the main difference is the additional bespoke training that the Cluster schools provide, giving the students a relevant, rich and dynamic experience.

Three years ago we formed the Clifton Cluster. Although this was not the first cluster training that some schools in the Diocese have been part of, it is quite new in many aspects. This year we have 4 primary schools (from Emmaus and Camino hubs) and 7 PGCE students.

Training to teach with the Bath Spa University via the Clifton Cluster, provides the highest quality training using the full range of our resources and professional expertise. The training offer is underpinned by an ambitious curriculum and relevant research.

As a partnership, we believe that every child within our Bath Spa / Clifton partnership deserves the very best teachers. Our new teachers will impact on their lives by improving outcomes and developing confident independent members of the community. The Bath Spa Clifton partnership offers the opportunity to train to become a teacher while working in the classroom and being part of an established teaching team in our Partnership Schools.

As part of their training we have been able to offer the following additional training experiences: Teaching in a Catholic school; World Religions; Creativity Day with The Egg Theatre; Forest School and outdoor learning; Mastery teaching in Mathematics; Mental Health and well-being; Talk for Writing; Applying for jobs and mock interviews; MFL and PE.

Outdoor Learning Training April 2022