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Catholic Social Teaching Exhibition

Catholic Social Teaching Exhibition


We are incredibly grateful to all the families and parishioners who joined us to celebrate our inspirational Catholic Social Teaching Exhibition.


It was wonderful to see so many people celebrating the voice of the children and giving them an opportunity to showcase their impressive work.  We will be adding photos and a selection of the children's speeches to the school website - please do take a look!


We have been working with Sr Judith Russi for some time now but it was an honour to actually have her with our school family and she was quite rightly very impressed with the knowledge and voice of the children, so much so she has promised to visit us again! One of the children in Year 5 shared ' I really liked CST week because I got to express what I think about an issue and how I feel about things that aren't right in our world. I like it that I have knowledge and I could teach my parents and show them what I do in school.'