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Clifton Diocese Emmaus Water Pump Project


Clifton Diocese Emmaus Water Pump Project


Our school communities in the Clifton Diocese have a unique              opportunity to become involved in a project that will reach out to        thousands of young people and their families in the Masaka District of South-Western Uganda. Working alongside the International Tree  Foundation and the Masaka and District Land Care Chapter, we aim

to provide independent water resources for 23 schools. With the         potential help of the family of Clifton schools we have the possibility of   extending this project to many thousands more.


Uganda’s poverty levels have risen 10% since the pandemic began. Millions of Ugandans lack access to safe water and improved sanitation facilities. Subsistence farming is contributing to rising poverty levels. One way to break the cycle of poverty is to encourage the development of sustainable economies that our project’s combination of tree

planting and clean water resourcing can bring about.


One in four people in Uganda do not have access to safe drinking      water. That is around 8 million people. Some people, who already live in poverty pay 22% of their wages to buy clean water from water vendors.


At St. John’s we are holding a raffle  to purchase water pumps and to maintain them for the 23 schools.


Tickets are 20p each or £1 a strip.

They will be on sale until the end of next week. The draw will take place during the week of 22nd November.

Please support our raffle if you can.

These are the prizes you could win.

Thank you.