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EYFS Trip to Longleat on Friday 16th June 2023

EYFS Trip to Longleat on Friday 16th June 2023


Last Friday, Foundation Stage pupils visited Longleat Safari Park to support their learning in our project this term, ‘What makes our world wonderful?’

Once there, we started the day with a workshop, where we met two zoo keepers, Ben and Ollie. They brought out 5 different species of animals; snakes, ferrets, guinea pigs, cockroaches and a Tarantula called Salsa! During this workshop the children learnt all about these animals and if they were brave enough, they could even touch or hold them too!

We then had some time to explore the park, where we went on the boat safari to explore Longleat Lake and then jumped on board the train to explore different areas of the park.

We then ended our trip with a visit around the safari, where we got to see some bigger animals such as; lions, giraffes, zebras and wolves!

The children provided so much energy and enthusiasm on the trip. They were very keen to explore and ask questions throughout the day. We had such a great day and the children were great ambassadors for the school!