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Kitchen Table Discussion Questions

Kitchen Table Discussion Questions


Each term your child will bring home knowledge organisers to support their learning in school. This has key vocabulary which they will be using throughout their topic and an overview of the knowledge they will learn. There is also a 'Kitchen Table Discussion' question for you to  discuss as a family. Then your child will have opportunity in school to use these ideas to support their contribution to a class discussion.




What foods should I eat to keep myself healthy?


Name as many occupations as you can of people who could help you keep fit and healthy? 




Can I be healthy if I go for a walk and eat pizza every day?





Was the natural world a better place in the Stone Age than it is today?



Is chalk organic or inorganic if it is made up of the remains of living things?





Should Alfred be known as “Great”?



In our modern world, we should only use resources which are natural and can be recycled. Do you agree or disagree?