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Launching Lent

Launching Lent


We are very aware that over the past two years many of the children have missed some of their learning focussed on the season of Lent due to COVID and national lockdowns. So this year we started of the season with a whole school LAUNCHING LENT day on Shrove Tuesday! The focus was to prepare ourselves for the spiritual journey that Lent provides and reflecting on the changes we can make over the next 40 days and beyond! It was a magnificent day together and of course we had to make time for a pancake race! A full write up of the day will be provided by the Chapel Champions and added to the school website. Throughout the day the whole school took part in pancake races in the playground. Great fun was had by all.      


Class 8 wrote their prayers of Peace on doves to reflect on the events in the Ukraine and the words of Pope Francis and made some promises for Lent and put them on display so that they could follow their progress through the six weeks of Lent. The children all really enjoyed eating their pancake.


On Ash Wednesday we were pleased to welcome Fr Tom to school who led us in a whole school Ash Wednesday Mass and pupils and staff received the ashes. KS1 joined Fr Tom in the hall while the rest of the school joined by Teams.