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LKS2 Roman Day - Friday 3rd February 2023

LKS2 Roman Day - Friday 3rd February 2023


The children in Years 3 & 4 spent Friday bringing alive their learning by dressing up and doing activities throughout the day. The day started with a “fashion show” to show off their costumes and introduce themselves using their Roman names. There was a medical to see if they were fit for the Roman Army. A drill to test their marching skills. A test of their knowledge of the Roman Empire. As well as, learning their Roman numerals, a food-tasting experience, playing a Roman game called “Merels” and naming the equipment of a Roman Legionary. They also enjoyed the public toilet set up outside Classes 6 & 7, with a sponge on a stick to clear up with! Thanks for all your efforts to get them ready for the day!