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Mid-Somerset Festival - Tuesday 15th March 2022

On Tuesday this week 13 children from Years 5 and 6 took part in the Speech & Drama competitions as part of this year’s Mid-Somerset    Festival. The children travelled to Bath to compete against many       children from local schools in Somerset. Their task was to recite a    well-known poem from memory to an adult who was judging them on different aspects of performance like voice clarity and facial expressions. They did this solo – meaning on their own. All the children performed either one of two poems selected by the Festival organisers beforehand. The children have been practising since before January at home and at school. Each child received a certificate and some were highly commended by the judges. The children were: 

Class 11: Harry W, Amelie M, Elizabeth O, Lulu K, Megan B and Trinity C.

Class 10: Toby W.

Class 9: Hannah H, Hannah W, Lucrezia C, Tafara C, Amelia B and   Lorretta I.

Although all the children must be celebrated for taking part in such a challenging competition, some of the children made it into the top three places. Considering the groups had up to 18 children performing this was not an easy achievement.  

Amelie M came third in the Primary Verse Speaking Class 6B. Toby W came joint third in the Primary Verse Speaking Class 5A. Lorretta I came joint second in the Primary Verse Speaking Class 5B.