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Monty—St. John’s Therapy Dog

Monty—St. John’s Therapy Dog


Monty is the newest addition to the St John’s family. Mrs. Sessions has had Monty since he was a puppy and now at age 10 he has spent the summer completing his therapy dog training to enable him to come into school and take part in a wide range of activities with the children.


Mrs. Sessions says – having a therapy dog in school has a number of benefits to both the children and staff at St Johns. I am very excited that Monty will get to spend time with the children and help with their literacy and communication skills as well as increase the feelings of well-being throughout the school.


The therapeutic effects of a child reading to a dog appears to produce a less stressed, less self-conscious and more confident child. A therapy dog can provide comfort, encourage positive behaviour, motivate speech and inspire children to have fun.


Monty has 4 agents in school —Weronika, Tatiana, Weronika and Maja.