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At St John's we grow and learn in the footsteps of Jesus.

Year 5 Faith Camp

Year 5 Faith Camp


Last Friday, Year 5 came together as a year group to work together and develop their faith. The day was themed around 2024 being the ‘Year of Prayer’ and each activity focused on a different way we can pray, for  example through art, music, mindfulness, meditation and being outside. Year 5 were also lucky enough to be part of a Mass led by Fr Richard in the afternoon. It was a very successful day for all involved. The Year 5s approached each activity with openness and positivity.


Katy from Beautiful Gong came into school last       Friday as part of Faith day and delivered 4 Gong Bath workshops to the Year 5's.

The Gong can aid deep relaxation and it certainly   did for those who attended. Some comments from the children:

“It was speaking to me, like a different language”

“I feel like I’m in my bed, I feel so sleepy”

“It’s amazing”

“Can we have this everyday?”

“I feel so relaxed”